Company Vision

Thinking back at the earlier times when Juyu and I first started the business, we were so motivated and ambitious. Undeniably also a little hesitant and curious. Twenty years ago, when there was a huge entrepreneurial and start-up bubble in Taiwan, anyone with a little cash wanted to become their own boss. However, how many actually succeeded? For first-timers like Juyu and I, due to budget concerns, we could only choose areas with lower rents. We established our business and manufacturing plant in Ren Wu Village, Kaohsiung. Ren Wu Village was the birthplace of our FreeRider brand. Right in the beginning, we knew that our target market would be the UK as it was a mature and developed market. To penetrate the UK market, Juyu and I travelled all over UK to promote our product. Thinking back, at that time, we had a never-give-up attitude and at last success came our way. FreeRider was becoming a household name.

To build a successful brand, 20 years is neither a long or short period of time. Not to mention electric scooters was an unknown business in Taiwan at that time. In the beginning, it took us a lot of time to find component manufacturers. As hard as it was, to build a brand successfully and stably, brand management must be executed well. When the company finally started to grow stably, our factory which was only 2,200 square feet in size and with only five employees, expanded to become a factory 90,000 square feet in size and we have nearly 100 employees (not including overseas employees) now. The success our company sees today (though we dare not ask for credit or be self-content, because we are still a little away from the targets Juyu and I have set for ourselves), was due to the never-give-up determination and hard work that Juyu, our partners and I put in. Juyu truly understands the needs of the handicapped, and she also knew that they have financial challenges so we often donate our Luggies. We want to do our part for society. The majority of our employees are locals and those in need. We also partner with governmental organizations long-term to take care of those who need our help. We also offer our support to various charitable organizations in the UK and USA.

The senior citizens in Taiwan are comparatively more conservative than the elderly in Europe or USA. If they have problems moving around, they rather stay at home the whole day and not go out. If electric scooters become more common, it will greatly improve their lifestyle and standard of living. Thus, our business plan is to refocus our efforts in Taiwan and gradually introduce our products to northern, central and southern Taiwan by establishing retail points so that the elderly in Taiwan can lead a better life similar to the elderly in USA.