Lithium battery

Luggie Scooter is the portable medical devices, so we are the pioneer to integrate lithium battery as the battery system. We deeply understand only the light weight Lithium ion batteries, by definition, are energy storage systems. As such, if subjected to abusive conditions, the energy in the systems can be unexpectedly released, thereby presenting safety issues.

Since different lithium ion technologies exhibit different safety profiles, the challenge of mitigating safety risks in any application rests with choosing the right lithium ion technology for the application. Our lithium battery is certified UN38.3, a UN transportation testing for lithium batteries. This is a very tough international testing criteria for any transportation devices, and we are the first manufacture acquired this certificate.

Below is the complete range of testing for


T1 – Altitude Simulation (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries).

T2 – Thermal Test (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries).

T3 – Vibration (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries).

T4 – Shock (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries).

T5 – External Short Circuit (Primary and Secondary Cells and Batteries).

T6 – Impact (Primary and Secondary Cells).

T7 – Overcharge (Secondary Batteries).

T8 – Forced Discharge (Primary and Secondary Cells).

Besides, we integrate battery management system (BMS) throughout product line. Each battery contains internal circuitry to monitor and balance each cell. Through built-in communication cables, the modules are able to communicate to the Battery Management System (BMS), which monitors the system as a whole. The BMS initiates module-to-module balancing, as well as controls opening and closing the contactors. The BMS asserts warnings and alarms, and outputs data via digital and analog outputs. The BMS is small and compact, and can be mounted in the battery pack or remotely. It uses to communicate with other equipment and can control such items as chargers and fuel cells.

The BMS can also connect for easy configuration, monitoring, or reording via the Monitoring Kit. With no hesitate to provide eco-friendly products to the world, we also provide a strong safety products to your daily mobility devices.